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The Farewell Movie 2019

The Farewell was directed by Lulu Wang and stars Awkwafina as Billy. A young woman who learns that her grandmother has a very short time left to live much to her surprise. She Discovers her entire family and She has decided not to tell her grandmother that she’s going to die instead they arrange a wedding ceremony as an excuse for everyone to come to China to see her one last time before she passes. and since some of them are having a very hard time figuring out whether or not they want to approach her about this illness or at least trying to hide.

It creates an extremely entertaining movie and one that really touched me, to be honest, and I don’t experience that too much in the theaters. Nowadays movies have kind of forgotten how to grab you by the heart ,there’s only a few that come out a year that really know how to do it without being too sappy or sentimental to the point of unbelievability, but The Farewell film is able to approach this subject from a well of knowledge about this culture.

Netflix The Farewell 2019 Watch Online Free Full Movie

The Farewell Movie Review

Since this is a true story, The Farewell opens with text that says based on an actual lie because the director of this film went through this exact scenario and she’s written about it and made a beautiful movie, One that consistently kept my interest with complex characters that felt like they were real people that didn’t seem like movie characters.

The Farewell film was comfortable enough to have long sequences with people just having conversations and some of these conversations are really fascinating oftentimes. One of the biggest notes that screenwriters get especially SPECT writers is that all people are talking too much, right now people are saying too much.

The Farewell Netflix Movie

let’s get things moving, let’s have something happen this film is perfectly content to show an entire sequence in which people just have an argument over dinner about whether or not moving to America from China was really worth it is the American dream really everything that is cooked up to be and It was one of the most fascinating scenes in the entire film and The Farewell movie has a lot of sequences like that ,but I don’t want to make it seem like it’s a total drag this movie is actually really funny and similar to 5050 in tone specifically.

In that it’s a film that’s also about a terrible illness and a very sad thing but it’s able to find the levity in these moments and able to find the entertainment value in the moments .both films were also written as a form of catharsis for the person who went through the event but one of the reasons, The Farewell movie stands out so much is Awkwafina and her honestly show-stopping performance.

The Farewell Movie Full Cast

Awkwafina as Billi
Tzi Ma as Haiyan, Billi’s father
Diana Lin as Jian, Billi’s mother
Zhao Shuzhen as Nai Nai, Billi’s grandmother
Lu Hong as Little Nai Nai, Nai Nai’s younger sister
Jiang Yongbo as Haibin, Haiyan’s older brother
Chen Han as Hao Hao, Haibin’s son
Aoi Mizuhara as Aiko, Hao Hao’s girlfriend
Chen Hanwei
Li Xiang

The Farewell Release Date

Netflix The Farewell Movie Release Date: 5 September 2019 (Australia)

The Farewell (2019) Comedy, Drama | 1h 40min | 5 September 2019 (Australia) 8.2
Director: Lulu WangWriters: Lulu WangStars: Awkwafina, Tzi Ma, Diana LinSummary: A headstrong Chinese-American woman returns to China when her beloved grandmother is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Billi struggles with her family's decision to keep grandma in the dark about her own illness as they all stage an impromptu wedding to see grandma one last time.


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I really did not expect this from someone who in the past has mostly been a comedic supporting role, someone who kind of comes in gets some laughs and then disappears.

Then later comes back get some laughs and disappears. He or she is front and center for most of the movie and she’s marvelous such an incredible actress.

The Farewell 2019 Watch Online Free Full Movie netflix

She has shown so much range in this film and I can’t wait to see what else she does as a writer and a director she’s very smart with her choices, she sets up certain things early on in the movie that at first get a laugh and they’re very cute and it’s just a great scene but later on, in the film you find there’s a much deeper meaning to some of these things that you learned earlier and though we’re just there for a laugh, sometimes that can be called hidden exposition.

The FAREWELL Trailer (2019) Awkwafina A24 Movie

The idea of showing us a scene with something and then as an audience we think okay, that has now served its purpose in the story and then later you realized that was actually just set up for something more important and something more impactful. and without getting into it I thought the ending, in particular, was really beautiful, it made me think for the entire drive home which was like 30 minutes so, I had a lot of time to toss it around in my head.

there are so many great themes woven throughout this story that is somehow able to approach them with comedy and equal parts drama and this doesn’t happen often with movies, but I learned something while watching this movie.

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The Farewell Trailer

I had no idea that this was a common practice in China, the idea of being uncomfortable with telling a loved one that they are going to pass soon and I had no idea that it was so widely accepted. So it’s interesting because you get to see Awkwafina’s character Billy, she’s struggling with that because she’s lived in America for a long time. Now it’s really hard for her to accept this at first and it’s something that she just has to.

The Farewell movie wasn’t mindless, you know it felt like it had something to say it, felt like it meant something which is so rare anymore with films. This movie came with weight, it had meant very early on and it always felt relevant every single minute felt really important to this filmmaker and I’m seeing movies where you can tell the story means something to this director like they’re telling this story because they have to get it off their chests like it’s important to them and I felt that there almost every minute of the farewell, if I were to get really nitpicky about the film there are times where the pacing drags a little bit,  there are some sequences that feel stretched.

The Farewell Box Office Collection

on a little bit too long particularly a third act ceremony that kind of goes, there’s a karaoke scene, there’s like a lot of speeches and sometimes the speeches don’t really feel like they add much to the story, they just kind of feel like well we have to have this bit where the character says a speech because they’re the lead character and they have to say a speech but then the speech doesn’t really say much and so it kind of feels like wasted time there’s just a few scenes like that where it feels, as if maybe a little bit could have been cut and that’s about it honestly.


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So just about The Farewell Movie, if you want more similar movie reviews and updates then stay with the Hindi gallery.

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